It’s difficult for me to tell because, well, I didn’t have a lot of money when I started, so I wound up buying the dolls and only buying accessories occasionally. As a result, most of my dolls weren’t dressed like I wanted them to be or were straight up just not wearing clothes or in various stages of completion. Now that I have a job that pays and am out of school, I’m able to afford accessories. I’m buying socks and jewelry?? There’s a lot of details that I’m able to pay attention to now that I rarely could before.

I’m also focusing on dolls that spark joy rather than forcing dolls because they look like characters, so my personal preferences are now more obvious. I’ve started branching out into anime-style dolls. I also didn’t used to buy darker skinned dolls both because of the price of dark resin and because I didn’t have a lot of diversity in my characters, but that’s changing, too. To someone else it might appear like a collection with lot of different influences, but for me it feels much narrower, more me.



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