It was back in 2013, (I am Belgian so you may not have my references lol) but I was in the pullip world back then (did not own any, but wanted to find as much information as possible about them) and that’s when searching fabout them on Skyrock back then (I have no idea if this existed in the US, but it’s a blog hosting company), and I found a Minifee Chloe by Saylline, a doll collector who left the hobby now I think, that I fell in love with the hobby. It was precisely on the 13th December 2013 (I even wrote the day down to keep the memory).

In the end, my first BJD was also a Minifee Chloe much later, in 2020, but unfortunately I did not keep her, I was not a fan of the face and tried to remove some details myself and ended up ruining the makeup, and I thought that MSD were too big for me, so she’s not in my collection anymore but I am still in love with other collectors’ pictures (and the Chloe sculpt still has a special place in my heart)



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