When a doll costs a lot (and for me that’s over $300), I spend a lot of the ordering period hemming and hawing over if I should get it or not. I really think hard if it is what I want, who will it be, will they have some one to play with in my large fantasy doll family? I find that if I can’t stop thinking about the doll at all, it means I should get it.

Now, I am nowhere near as responsible as you are with money. I do make sure all my bills are paid, but sometimes my credit card cries because there has been a few instances where I got a little too happy (or lucky) and bought too many dolls close together.

What I really love to take advantage of is the lay away program some companies have – or even some dealers. I find that way I can treat it like a bill that I pay and at the end, I get a doll I wanted!

Anyway, you should love your Luts doll! You worked hard to save up for them and bring them home! You might feel like “how can I justify this?” but if it brings you joy and you get to play with them for years to come, they’re well worth the cost! I also look at it as paying an artist for their work. They had to dream up the sculpt then create it. I can draw but I can’t sculpt or poor resin or 3D print a doll.



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