When companies have their dolls cast, they choose the color palette they want their line to be made in. Since it’s an aesthetic choice by the artist/company, not everyone is going to choose the same color range.

Also, companies may update and change their palette, they might change casting companies, they can change resin mixtures over time. And we are also taking about dye lots, so there can be some natural variation. So even the same brand might not match between 2022 and 2023 etc.

Some companies are known for color consistency and others are a lot less reliable.
I’ve never known Luts to be color consistent over time, and I learned that attempting to make my own hybrids with their dolls. I bought doll bodies after seeing other members make hybrids that matched heads I bought from another brand… only when the bodies arrived they didn’t match at all. Yes, I did this more than once.

I also have decided that I don’t require a 100% match. I’ll take anything above an 80% match and make it work with blushing, clothing, and knowing that most peoples faces don’t match their bodies. As long as the head to body proportion are good, 80% is good enough.



Source minifeedoll