Yeah, I’ve received dolls that have blown my mind because they showed me something that BJDs were capable of, and I wasn’t aware of this potential with my existing dolls. Usually it had to do with quality of engineering, sculpting or resin, which all differs between sculptors/companies.

Similar fo SaltedPretzel, when I had Volks and Dollstown dolls I became aware that resin quality is a thing – some resins do feel better to me than other resins. Likewise, my Dollstown dolls had really detailed, intricate body sculpting, something which I never noticed before for dolls. Now that I knew what beautiful sculpting and resin was like, I started looking for it in future dolls. I also ended up selling some dolls I owned as a newbie, because the newer dolls helped me define my taste a lot more, and some of my “newbie-era” dolls ended up not being to my taste. (Not everyone ends up like this, but that’s what happened for me.)

I don’t see comparison between your own dolls as a problem, personally! BJDs do come in differing quality and design and style, Doll A can have some attributes better and other attributes inferior vs. Doll B, and vice versa. That’s just the way it is for a hobby that’s based heavily on aesthetics and taste. My own taste has developed and refined over time as I’ve bought new dolls and handled others at meetups, and I appreciate that I’m more discerning about the dolls I buy. Refining taste also means I’m challenged about my older dolls – what do I value about them? Are these dolls that truly spark joy for me, and why? If some of my older dolls are “inferior” to newer ones I buy, there usually are good reasons why I still keep them — and I want to discover these reasons for myself. Sometimes it takes a new doll to prompt this reflection, nothing wrong with that.



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