This is a discussion for the absolutely ADORABLE Haru Casting Adori!

Adori is a 26cm doll with either a male or female body, and a Version 1 and Version 2 body – Version 1 is single jointed, Version 2 is double jointed and has a mobility thigh joint – here’s photos showing the differences: Haru resin casting — These photos showing the similarities in Adori… and Haru resin casting — These photos showing the difference in Adori…

There is a choice of a regular or smiling head, and HEAPS of skin tone choices too. You can also buy the heads and bodies separately. At the moment, there is a pre-order until February 20th 2016, so get in quick!

Here’s the link to the website: ADORI

And there are lots of pictures of all the Adori’s and discussion on Haru’s tumblr here: Haru resin casting or Flickr: Haru casting

Height: 26cm
Chest: 11cm
Waist: 12cm
Hips: 14cm
Neck: 5.5cm
Shoulders: 6cm
Arm length: 7.8cm
Leg length: 9cm
Foot: 4cm
Waist to floor: 15cm
Eyes: 12mm with low dome or no dome
Wig: 6-7inch
Clothes: general YoSD or Littlefee size.

Before the official release, Haru did a giveaway on tumblr where 30 people were lucky enough to win Adori heads! So we have some hybrid info already:
Volks #1 is a good normal skin match for older Volks dolls
Volks #2 is for newer Volks, and also matches Crobidoll
Doll Family H body is an excellent NS match, both for proportion and colour
Impldoll is a good match for proportion, and Impldoll Realskin (non UV) matches Volks #2 Normal
OnlyDoll Pink skin matches the Adori Peach Normal skin, and the proportions are good.
Soom: proportion great, WS not a good match (Soom is more yellow), other resin matches unknown, especailly as Soom resin varies by batch
Littlefee: colour match not 100% but not bad
Cream White is a 95% match for WS Peakswoods, and the proportion and fit is great too
…if anyone has any others to add, or resin match info, let me know and I’ll update this first post.

And now, let us go forth and discuss these gorgeous dolls! :D




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