I can relate.

In general I’m a very frenzied, busy, high intensity person when it comes to my dolls and creative projects. So it’s a formula for recurrent overwhelm.
Sounds like you may have already figured out why you are overwhelmed but sometimes I feel that way and I’m not actually sure why. So I try to puzzle it out. Sometimes I’m just frustrated from repeatedly not getting something right, not knowing what project to actually work on when there are so many and other times I just feel overwhelmed with doll related emotions: guilt for starting to realize I just don’t like someone, FOMO related selling procrastination, sadness that a character I like is confined to the floating head box, feeling like I’m running out of individual enough ideas for different characters or overwhelmed by my agenda being too frenzied.
For me, I mostly like to feel that there is no end in sight for the vast array of planned projects but nobody likes feeling frustrated or any of those other things. I have no idea if it will apply to you but I’ve noticed that by the time I get truly overwhelmed with my doll problems, it wasn’t really dolls that started it.
I take time then, to keep only dolls that I feel happy to see where I see them and just ease off, give myself some mental rest and come back from a calmer, happier place.
I think a lot of us have to figure out the right number of them that works for us anyway, and it’s kind of just trial and error. And I think it can be hard to resist new dolls simply because it’s understandable to get bored, you just have to find your own rhythm.



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