It’s a nice idea for a topic !

These dolls are stunning but definitely out of my budget, however if I could I might tend to buy directly from the artist, unless I find the exact model I am looking for in the EU (since customs have always been an issue for me and most of these artists aren’t European :sweat)

For the rest I won’t be able to help much but I prefer my dolls to wear full outfits than just lingerie, it does not really fit with my style of pictures

And for the wigs, accessories and stuff, Etsy is pretty much the best place in my opinion, it’s the best place where artists gather for this kind of doll stuff from what I saw

For Popovy and Pasha Pasha in particular, I would recommend check some videos from Muñecas, Poupées and Dolls, she loves this kind of dolls and makes some haul videos from time to time that can be a great source of inspiration :)



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