I recall there was a time when Limhwa Limho Mano was about the most “unique/strong-features” sculpt there was, so much so the artists Jung Ji Youn was bullied in a few Russian BJD forums (just random users/commenters, not the whole forum, if my crappy memory serves) and that made her upset — I feel that on top of Mano being so incredibly unpopular compared to her girls and Mono, that she decide to discontinue him after a “short” production time. I personally always loved the sculpt, and probably because I have a huge schnoz myself, I kind of tend to favor sculpts with more substantial noses. You can always mode a huge nose, but you’re kind of stuck if you have a pinch together nose (that’s what’s kept me from getting some hs in the past!). Mano has unique features and was quite realistic (and masculine) for his time, but also obviously asymmetrical, which if I recall correctly, was the major reason for most rude comments about the head sculpt.

I’ve modified mine to death, because I wanted him to resemble the OC character he’s based after a lot closer. I always regretted not getting a second sculpt to keep default, but I was a broke college student at the time and Limhwa (now EOS) never sold parts separately, to my misfortune (and I am a bigger germaphobe now, so looking for him second market now would be a nightmare!).

Here he is when he was still unmodified, but with a horrible vomit inducing face up by me, although probably better than anything I can do now. Such is life! lol! DX

There was also a very unique sculpt around Mano’s time by Unidoll called Ark. He was amazing! Another head sculpt I wish I could have gotten, he had very unique and strong facial features for sure! I don’t believe he as too popular either, but these sculpts came out when people were all about the “standards” of BJD beauty, and there were really not that many diverse sculpts to speak off, and the few that were available weren’t popular at all. Then again, I am a weirdo and tend to like less pouplar things by default, without ever trying to like uniqueness, jsut naturally gravitate towards dark, “ugly” (not standard of beauty) and “weird.” (:



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