Absolutely nope. *drags out dayjob real estate hat and puts it on*

Firstly, a lot of staging a home for sale is to remove anything non-generic. You have to let people imagine themselves living there which means tone down the decor and put away most of the hobby supplies unless it’s a very common hobby like video games. (There’s lots more to it, you can find cool stuff on the internet about successful staging)

Secondly, a lot of total strangers are going to be looking at your house, and they will be aware that soon the valuables they are looking at will be in convenient boxes and all they have to do is show up when you’re not there to cart off a lot of it. Moving time is a big time for home break ins and theft because you have a place open for casing that they can then send buddies to to just pick up the nicely boxed goods. NO heirloom valuables or collectibles should be on display for total strangers to evaluate for resale value.

and thirdly, people bring kids with them sometimes. Or they themselves just have no manners, and when they see something weird they HAVE to TOUCH IT. I don’t want strangers touching my stuff. Especially not my dolls.



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