I don’t really know how they feel about my choice of hobby. I say it was my choice, but the hobby drew me in at the right time (long story, but my mum was terminally ill and I needed a distraction). They don’t openly start conversations about it with me. My mum will sit and listen when I talk about it sometimes, but I get the feeling that she isn’t listening. I will sit and listen to her, when she talks about her jewellery-making hobby/business. Yet, she doesn’t really show much interest when I talk about my dolls. Saying that, she likes most of the pictures I post on Instagram, which she follows me on, but she has admitted that she doesn’t read all the captions.

My dad; he shows no interest whatsoever. I will sit and listen to him, when he rarely talks about his photography, and I will look at his photos, when he shows them off. But, he will not show an interest in mine. I think he kind of scoffed, when my first doll arrived. I was kind of nervous and said that he was for art reference. I’ve never drawn him. And, my collection of ‘art models’ has grown since my first arrived eight years ago. Well, it will be eight in August. Recently, I tried my hand at sewing for them, and the machine is a little loud. My room is above the lounge, and they’ve heard the machine humming. My dad’s never asked to see what I’ve done.

I don’t know. I’m not bothered whether they want to know or not. We have our hobbies that we keep to ourselves. I’m happy with mine. As for the knowledge of costs, my mum has an idea, but I don’t think that she knows the true value that it can reach.



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