The closest i have for mine is:

– Where will it go?
Lifelong doll (among other things) collector, space is at a premium, especially since my husband is also a collector.

– How will it fit with the exisitng dolls?
Most of my SD size dolls are a large Victorian fmiy of siblings and cousins.

– Will I ever get around to making the clothes it will need?
Most of my gang are historially themed and very few commercialy availbale outfits are right, so making or affording to commission are the options.

– Will I actually play with it?
To me they are toys, and it’s pointless having them if I don’t play with them – if I dress them and sit them on a shelf untouched until th next time i change their clothes they ar takign up space for dolls I will pick up and play with – hence my currentl list of ten dolls I need to list for sale (well, seven now, as three have been rehomed)

And even with that in place, temptation often wins out over sense – hence the new doll arriving in April who won’t fit in with any of my existing collection. Has no place to go once here, Who won’t fit into bought clothing, and who I am HOPING I will actully play with, since I had to start a layaway to pay for her a when I couldn’t resist her at a BJD convention last autumn.




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