I received my Leona today!

(​IMG)Leona1 by Flora Lingua Dolls, on Flickr

Wooow, she’s gorgeous. These are not good photos (sorry, late night photography) but I’ll take more soon. The body is stunning – I looove the neck joint so much (I wish all dolls had one) and the shoulders are really cool, too.

I’ve owned a few other DoDollsDream sculpts in the past and as usual, the sculpting is spectacular, every tiny detail of the fingertips, etc. (those cute little feet!) is perfect. She’s in Caramel Forest resin, and the resin itself is so soft and smooth.

I have no idea what faceup, wig, or eyes she needs. I almost don’t want a faceup, she’s so pretty like this X)

In the second photo she’s sitting with my Maskcatdoll Juni. They look good together proportionally (even though Juni’s face is a little more “doll-like”).


I hope she can stick around! My “bonding” with dolls is weird – I can absolutely love how they look but they still don’t feel right to keep, so I’m hoping Leona will fit in. I’ll be patient in trying to figure her out!



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