I don’t have doll dreams often. When I was little I used to have nightmares about Chucky the killer doll because the adults in my life didn’t monitor what I watched which lead to nightmares after watching shows I didn’t know were rated r. I think i watched that movie when I was maybe between 5 to 8 not sure. I had nightmares every year about that doll. Very graphic gruesome nightmares that haunted my nights. Occasionally, I still get those nightmares, but less frequently.

Since getting into the hobby I sometimes dream about bjds. It’s mainly about missing a doll deadline or just random dreams about a bjd behind the scenes of my dreams.

Most of my dreams are nightmares, so maybe I need comforting random things popping up in my dream like my dolls and dogs. Sometimes when it’s a really bad nightmare BTS will be in my dream like they are forming a shield against the nightmarish landscape that my brain cooked up. Usually they are singing in my dreams or just standing there in the background when I’m really scared then I feel less scared.

Most of my dreams focus on escaping and needing to save my sister and me from something, abandonment, or my parents/relatives/or their friends putting me through some sort of danger or stress that causes me to cry in my sleep. I usually wake up crying. So usually in my dreams I have a magic bag that i can stuff with anything and it creates a magically safe home that cam protect my sister, my dogs, and me it protects me from dangers and in this space it is timeless. Usually I stuff my dogs in there, my sister, and myself. It has everything we need. Then we stay there forever. That is usually how my dream goes, but if the danger is inescapable and I can’t handle it and the bag isn’t there then usually a doll or BTS or anything I find comforting pops up somewhere in the background.

The bjds that do appear in my dreams are not the dolls I own, but just a random resin bjd kind of generic looking. I don’t always dream in color and i sometimes hear music in my dreams, so the dolls in my dream are sometimes in black and white which kind of adds an eerie effect. I used to wake up humming a random song my brain made up to myself.

From what I recall the bjds in my dreams don’t have a smile, but more of a blank look.



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