Azrael wears a 6-7 or SDC wig. I wasn’t happy with the fit of his default wig from CH. It wasn’t elasticized and it kept falling off. Now he pretty much always wears an SDC wig.

He has a few items of clothing from Custom House, but for the most part I make his pants. Most of the trimmer mini sized shirts fit him, Teen Trends shirts fit and some of the Mattel Ken and Volks WTG Boyfriend shirts do as well.

Shoes … well, he’s got a couple of pairs of Tonner Matt shoes he shares with my OrientDoll Il, a pair of Horsman Rini sneakers and a pair of boots made for the Leeke tinies, which, oddly enough, also fit the OD boy but are huge on my Yo-SD boy.

Someone here was selling a Mars head on an oldskin MSD body recently. I’ve had Azrael’s head on one of my MSD bodies and I thought it looked pretty silly. I’ve had picture requests up in the galleries for LJ heads on slim mini bodies but few people seem to have LJs out there, so there wasn’t much response. I’d kind of considered maybe looking for a taller/more mature body for him at one point, but have pretty much abandoned the idea now, because he’s just so cute as he is.

I just think the Little Juniors are wonderful. For more pics of my Hades, including the ones with his head on my MSD Ken’s body and some other comparisons, see here:




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