*raises hand* Spreadsheet/statistics/record keeping maniac here. I keep doll records in two places: Notion for “hard data”, and Standard Notes for “soft data”.

Notion does databases really well, so I use it for inventory and expense tracking – basically anything to do with “hard data” and numbers. I keep separate databases for dolls/resin parts, clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes, and miscellaneous (props, accessories) and I record every detail to within an inch of its life. My Inventory template is mostly like this:

Probably the only thing I don’t record are things I’ve sewn or handmade for my dolls. I probably should!

I also use Notion to track spending and preorders. This is such an expensive hobby and I need to take care with my budget, so I track literally every dollar including shipping. My spending/shipping patterns are also complicated — I buy regularly from Taobao/Xianyu and often have things waiting in a proxy warehouse ready to consolidate and ship to me, and I join preorders (both resin and non-resin) with all lengths of waiting times and different deposit/balance payments. I use Notion’s kanban/Trello board as my Expense Tracker, and have a separate Preorder Tracker database. They help me remember what preorders I’m part of, whether I owe any layaways or final payments, how long I’ve been waiting and whether to ask for updates and ETA from the seller.

It took me some time to set up these systems and I’m constantly tweaking them (and I enjoy tweaking :XD:) … but most of the hard work is done now and it’s easy to record new info. Now I can’t really live without my Expense Tracker!

I also use Standard Notes (a note-taking app) to collect “soft data” — basically anything that’s text-based and doesn’t rely so much on numbers and images.

Each of my dolls has a Profile Sheet, and I keep all kinds of info here, basically anything and everything that seems worth knowing about my dolls. A few things I record…

My complete Doll Profile Sheet template has over 30 categories, and is likely to keep growing – I’m sure I’ll think of something new to record! Though to be fair, half of it is character development information (since I shell OCs). And that’s not all… I have a whole other document with worldbuilding and yet more character development for my dolls…

I have only a handful of dolls so all this record keeping is easy to do … so far. Hopefully it’s robust enough to grow as my doll crew grows. :XD:



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