If your looking for chubby toddler or even baby like dolls Botodolls are fantastic. The artist is very creative and like some companies, also offers clothing, shoes as well as wigs for these cuties.

The website can be a little confusing as they show items as in stock, but truth is if they say Off Spot then a wait of about 2 months might be happening for you. Spot means item is in stock, but even then you could be waiting one month. While the face ups are cute the best choice one can make in ordering a doll is to go blank. The dolls ship quicker and while the face ups are well done, not face shield is used and I have had one face up ruined. Luckily the company issued a refund, but not a typical refund so money was lost to PP fees. Better to use that $50 towards supplies to do your own, or pay an artist.

The company recently added sleeping heads, but they don’t come with a head cap. You are supposed to use the head cap your open eyed head came with.

Their are three heads: Bao, Bao with teeth and Pao.

I have all 3 and the sleeping heads also. Sleeping heads will be done in a couple of months. I have all 3 in light tan. The other skin tone option is Normal.

The in stock dolls right now are Bao without teeth and Pao. You have to request a sleeping head. If you ever do get Bao with teeth you would order just a Bao sleeping head as none of the sleeping heads show teeth.

The clothes, shoes and wigs are best to order in the Botodoll size. They make 1/6 as well as 1/4 and iMda, but due to the chunky bodies not all 1/6 dolls are equal. I have ordered just about every article of clothing in the Botodoll, 1/6 and iMda as all of the clothing is so reasonably priced. So if your curious as to how it will fit your Botodoll just ask me.

The dolls come even if you don’t add any clothes with the following.
Default Doll
– Basic default head without make up Make up on doll is $50 more.
– Default Botodoll body without clothes and wig
-Eyes : eyeballs (offered randomly)
-Default Box
-Virtual Passport
-A small canvas bag
-A sachet
All of these are super cute and such a sweet way to ID your little one.
Website is easy to look at and it’s best to create an account to best follow your orders.
(​IMG)The Cousins by Marie, on Flickr
Here we have my 3 Botodolls. Harley at top is a Bao without teeth, Just below her is Harley who is a Bao with teeth and then its Carson a Pao.
The artist is creating a new face/head and I am able to post any news on that here about that as well as any new outfits and such that come out. I can also share other clothing lines that work for them and what size to get for them at those companies/shops.
Now for measurements. These I did myself and I can get anyone that asks more detailed measurements if wanted.
Height: 25.5 cm
6-7 wig
12mm eyes
Foot: 4.5×2.1 cm
Chest: 12.3 cm
Waist: 12 cm
Hips: 16.7
Any questions just post here and I will get you an answer asap.



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