I didn’t see any discussion of Bonbon’s bjd, so I decided to make a thread for people to reference and discuss. :cool:

The dolls look very cute and I noticed the bodies look well sculpted and posable. :3nodding: I read some user reviews and pictures on TB and the boy body is praised for being a good poser, with good range of motion in the elbows. There’s a picture showing he can hug his knees, and in the promo photos it looks like he can touch his face pretty well and do other things.

For the girl body, she has received overall praise with some light critique. Apparently she also has a good range of movement and her limbs can be placed in inbetween positions and hold them without snapping (between unbent, 90 degrees bent, and fully engaged double joint for those who are unfamiliar). However, a user mentioned something to the effect of the body not being able to hug her knees, I think? It has also been mentioned that the chest joint has decent range of movement but not the best, and there has been some dissatisfaction with the knees without specification.:huh?:

Does anyone here own one of the dolls or doll bodies? Are you interested in getting anything from Bonbon Galaxy?


Store Page:
Bon Bon Galaxy shop (taobao storefront)

Overseas dealers:
Jane’s Doll Land
Legend Doll
My Dollection

Boy body (TG-B4-01) measurements:
Height (including head): 44.5cm
(excluding head): 39.5cm
Head circumference:18cm
Neck circumference:6.7cm
Shoulder width: 9cm
Chest circumference:17.6cm
Waist circumference: 14.5cm

Arm length (shoulder to wrist): 13cm
Wrist circumference: 4cm
Upper arm circumference: 5.5cm
Lower arm circumference: 5.2cm

Thigh circumference: 11cm
Calf circumference: 7.6cm
Inner leg length: 22.5cm
Outer leg length: 24cm

Foot length: 5.5cm
Foot width: 2.2cm

There is no hip measurement listed for the boy body.

Girl body (TG-B4-02) measurements:
Height (including head): 42.7cm
(excluding head): 37.5cm
Head circumference: 18cm
Neck circumference: 6.5cm
Shoulder width: 8cm

Arm length (shoulder to wrist): 11.8cm
Upper arm circumference: 4.8cm
Lower arm circumference: 5cm
Wrist circumference: 4cm

Chest circumference:16.5cm
Waist circumference: 12.4cm
Hip circumference: 19cm

Outer leg length: 23cm
Inner leg length: 22cm
Thigh circumference: 11cm
Calf circumference: 7.9
Foot length: 5.5cm
Foot width: 2.2cm

All circumferences are measured at the thickest point where applicable.

Current sculpts:
Lola / Rola (girl)
Clark (boy)

Resin Swatches and Matching
Resin swatches
普肌 / normal and 白肌 / white
The picture comparing to other resins, from left to right, top to bottom is: Dollzone 2019 powder white; Napi doll 2021 powder white (I believe “powder” is supposed to be for ‘pink’ in this context but I will leave it untranslated because I’m not sure); Bonbon Galaxy normal; Bonbon Galaxy white; Mia doll white
Second resin comparison picture has Bonbon resins on top and I believe obitsu white (left) and obitsu normal (right) on the bottom.

Based on Q&A with pictures I have found on TB:
Bonbon’s white resin should be close to or matching Mia white.
Bonbon normal does not match Mystic Kids normal pink; Bonbon is darker and more saturated. It also doesn’t match DF-A pink. DFA looks more dull/beige and yellow undertoned next to Bonbon normal. I think there is also a comparison to Mia pink which doesn’t match. It is also “not quite” like soom’s normal.



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