Best posing: Impldoll Idol male, first generation. Perfectly balanced, fantastic engineering. He can even hold leg up in the air. For a 70 cm, that’s great in my book. He also can do “action poses”. All of that just with stringing, never did any sueding or wiring.

On the contrary, I had two bodies which really frustrated me: the absolutely first body Granado ever did. He liked to suddenly bow his hip joint…I was always shocked and surprised. Got rid of it.

Also, Iplehouse are just absolutely stunning to look at. Posing-wise, the old EID body was just frustrating. Could not sit, did stand very awkwardly, and God forbid you ever tried to do something more out of the way with him than just standing straight up and down. Bending arms and knees was a workout. Was glad when that body was gone.

Also, the SID female body was not great either. Could not get the knees to stay bent. Not even with sueding. Comparing it to the SID male knee, the knee is too short to stay in place.

The final Iple body I still have is the SID old male. Keeping it for sentimental reasons, and did tons of modding on it (might one day do a thread about it). Had I known this, I would have gotten another 65 cm body for sure.

In general, I never could get the Iple hip locks to work as intended. Also, was frustrated by the ankles, they are beautiful, but ridiculour to pose (that is why the can only stand straight). And the SID’s elbow joints – not useable as soon as the guy wears anything long-sleeved and too tight to push it up the arm, so that the elbow becomes visible.

Okay, that’s enough. Overall, I went 85 % Impl with my crew and am overall very happy.



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