* What did you order?
An assortment of clothing, eyes, wigs and shoes (I hosted a Group Order on another forum).

* When did you order?
September 4th, 2010

* How was the communication?
I can’t say enough good things about their excellent communication. It is better than I have ever experienced with any other BJD website. Alice kept in constant communication with me by email. I had lots of questions, and email responses were always very speedy (sometimes within a few minutes!). There does not seem to be any language barrier at all.

* How easy was it to pay?
Very easy. I was instantly redirected to Paypal upon order completion. This actually took me by surprise, since most BJD websites do not require immediate payment. Because I was hosting a Group Order, I did not yet have the ability to make full payment, as I’d not yet collected the money from the order participants. However, I contacted Alice by email, and I was assured that the items in my cart would remain there until the order was paid. This made placing the order VERY easy.

One thing to note is that Alice’s Collections charges a 3.9% Paypal Fee on all purchases. I have never encountered this on another BJD shopping site. I didn’t see this fee disclosed anywhere on the website before attempting to complete the purchase. It made things a tad bit tricky for me, since this was a Group Order, but although I’m generally against sellers charging Paypal fees, I find it to be well worth it in this instance.

* How long did it take to ship?
A little under a month. I was given an estimate of 15 business days before shipping, but it was delayed by a few days due to one of the items going out of stock, although I was immediately notified of this, and given the option to change to a different material. (It was actually a pair of shoes, and the fabric for making them was no longer available, so they asked to substitute a similar material, then custom-made the shoes to order! Wow!)

* Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
Absolutely. In fact, the quality far exceeds the price on all items, in my opinion! I just can’t even believe how well-made and lovely a $10 dress can be! Their prices vs. quality are the most reasonable I’ve ever encountered in this hobby.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Alice’s Collections will actually take custom orders for clothing, at no additional cost. I had three dresses made-to-order to my specifications (they were styles available on the website, which I wanted in different colors). I am absolutely amazed that they were not only willing and able to take on these special requests, but that the items were manufactured so quickly and beautifully!

* Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Even better! As another person in this thread mentions, the photography on the site is not always very flattering to the items–they are fantastic in person!

* Were you satisfied with the product?
Beyond satisfied–with the products, the service, the overall experience.

* If you weren’t satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?

* Would you order from this company again?
Definitely! I am planning another Group Order right away! I can’t wait to order from them again. I’m officially a fan!

* Would you buy this company’s products second-hand



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