@namaro – I thought of getting both, but my latest full-size dragon was Rot so that makes it easier to go with Shy. Plus, if I’m honest, I don’t really need the dessert bits. I’d much rather have the second pair of wings that come with Shy.

@perfumed-lotus – I’ve never done layaway with Aileen Doll. (I tend to be a lump sum gal too.) In my experience buying dolls from other companies, however, no company has ever charged PayPal fees. The fees are part of their cost of doing business and they absorb them. I would suggest, though, that if you send a different amount than the 35% Aileen Doll specifies, you should leave them a message both in the order form comments area and the website Q&A to let them know what you are doing. Or else shoot them a quick message now to ask how they want you to proceed.



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