I also stumbled on A Doll Village through instagram, I think someone I follow owns some. They are SO precious, I love how they have a whole line of adorable vampires. :D (I’m even tempted by one of their MSD girls, but she has an SD size head! Drat.)

I also signed up for their website but never got any confirmation email. I ended up contacting them via facebook about layaways; They offer 3 month layaways, with 50% upfront and then 25% and 25% payments. Communication is a little rough/scarce via email, I don’t think they have the best overseas/English translator? But I managed to place an order and get an emailed receipt. I did ask them to confirm they received my payment and they did, so that was nice. I think if I was in a hurry I might ask questions on their FB over their email.

The shipping directly from them was a staggering $72.00 USD though, so if I order from them again I might try asking CloverSinging if she can proxy for me, for my wallet and my commination anxiety. :sweat CloverSinging/Christina is great for proxy services btw, if anyone is seriously tempted- they have a Taobao so it shouldn’t be an issue.

But aside from all that I’m madly in love with the sculpt I bought, sooo let’s hope it all turns out alright! I bought the limited Half closed eyes Lola vampire in Tan (which was shockingly cheap, a mere 10$ extra.) with the vampire parts and some shoes. I apparently qualified for a gift pair of hands and a sleeping faceplate too (Which softened the sting of shipping a little lmao..) :frownyblush:

I guess we’ll see how it goes, I haven’t seen much about their turnaround time so I can post again when I finish they ship her.



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