Sorry if it’s a bit too early for this, but I didn’t see a thread like this for 2024 yet and I wanted to write my own thoughts down somewhere. (Please let me know if this thread already exists and I’m accidentally duplicating!)

My current goals are pretty modest:

– Sell at least one doll; possibly more (I’m currently reorganizing my collection to replace some of my dolls that were impulse purchases with ones that have been on my wishlist for a long time)
– Speaking of wishlist, bring home Luts Senior65 Delf Camel or possibly TheVoice NiuNiu if preorders open up again or if he shows up for sale secondhand;
– I have a Dollzone Leon with a really cute faceup who I like very much, but I haven’t done anything at all with him since I got him, so I want to get him a wig and outfits and take pictures of him this year!

I tend to not be too strict about sticking to my goals exactly, but those are my ideas, and I’d be happy to hear anyone else’s plans if they also want to write them down. :)



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