I agree. XP Which upsets me, because so far Fairyland has had IMPECCABLE service, in my experience at least, and I will definitely be buying from them again, if I can. I guess it’s just that they aren’t quite as big as Luts yet, although their products are well-known. It’ll be nice to know there’s at least one other owner on the boards! ^^

jamie— Do you mean the make-upped head looks like your Seorin or the blank head? I thought that Seorin had more rounded eyes. … Ooh! Or do you mean the “original” B-turned-C-head. XD Cause his lips are… different. Very different.

Lana— Initially I was going to make him a character with long, pointy ears, because the face would be great for an Elf I have. :wink I can see you are a woman of vision… Lol

twigling— Ohhh, sorry! I’ll upload them to my photobucket and repost. I was wondering why it had switched to URL. I’ll fix it!

sailorstarsun— The thing is that Fairyland posted them in the 2008 summer event news post, because their main thing right now IS the Puki mermaid fullsets. ^^ Luts tends to release events and that’s what hits their main page, so if you don’t browse their news posts, it is possible to miss it.



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