Bratz dolls are really very popular. Maybe you are also a fan of Bratz dolls! If you’d love to sew some clothes for them to wear, try some of these great doll clothing design tips. My clothes are very easy to make and are also very fashionable. I try to design looks that are pleasing to both children and parents, using bright, complementary colors and textures.

doll clothing patterns are available to buy at many fabric stores, but I haven’t found any patterns for Bratz dolls yet. So, I came up with these designs through trial and error. Using cheap fabrics like muslin, I experimented with new items until I had some that fit the “perfect” Bratz dolls. I then traced the muslin garments onto paper to use as patterns for future stitching. This sounds scary, I know. But in reality, it allowed more freedom when sewing doll clothes to fit “exactly the way you pictured them in your mind.” Sometimes I had to resize and stitch a muslin item many times before it would fit. In other cases, I did things “right the first time.”

Designing your own patterns allows you to incorporate your own style ideas into clothing. For example, I made a dress with one sleeve and added a vinyl belt that fastens with velcro. I also created a night shirt pattern that has the sleeves cut off. For that reason, they did not have to be sewn separately. This worked well, because I’ve never been much into sewing sleeves onto the bodice of a garment. Also, I prefer to put an elastic waistband on the pants to make it easier to slide the pants over the wrists. By being able to adjust the patterns, I was able to include this elastic waist feature on the doll pants.

The best way to go about a project like this is to make sure you are in a calm and relaxed state of mind. You don’t want to feel rushed or irritable, or you could be setting yourself up for frustration. Be patient and allow yourself to make mistakes with the muslin. You may have to “fine tune” your attempts at making the clothes. Remember, some of the best ideas start out as mistakes!

minifee doll by [Dollshy]