Created by British artisan Julie Campbell, the miniature dolls are handcrafted down to the finest detail. Each piece is unique in which one can collect their creations and develop their favorite scenes. Some collectors even commission Julie to craft specific themes, like from the movies or perhaps characters from a favorite book of hers. She had even created miniature character dolls based on the movie Alice in Wonderland, which starred Johnny Depp as the “Mad Hatter.”

Julie is also a member of the International Guild of Miniature Crafters (IGMA) and Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures (CDHM). Each doll she has created took hours of work to make and each piece is completely unique. Additionally, each of her creations is handcrafted without the use of molds and each is intricately sculpted and painted down to their near-microscopic features. Apart from this, Bellabelle dolls have jointed limbs so that they can maintain a natural pose even with their tiny body parts.

What makes Bellabelle dolls more unique is their hand-sewn clothing that is made from natural fabrics like cotton and silk. The vintage and classic dolls are even adorned with accessories and dresses that are based on accurate historical designs and details. Her shoes are also sculpted and incorporated with cotton laces and leather materials. Best of all, Julie can create miniature doll portraits of her loved ones as gifts or keepsakes.

Some themes that are available in Bellabelle Dolls are Regency and Georgian, Medieval and Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian, 1920s and 1930s, Famous Faces, Christmas Characters, Fairytale and Folklore, Witches and Wizards, and also Character Dolls. These dolls measure in either 12 or 24 figure scale. Bellabelle Dolls also has a series called Petite Bella, which are tiny, poseable dolls. For those also looking for a place to display their miniature gems, Bellabelle also creates dollhouses and even accessory stands like the hat stand Julie supplies to Miss Amelia’s Miniatures.

The beauty of collecting miniature dolls is that you don’t have to search for a larger space to display or store these wonderful pieces. It is also easier to create scenes of your choice without investing too much in it. These art dolls are also exclusive and we assure you that there is no other piece like it. It’s like owning a piece of jewelry that will increase in value over time. Ultimately, these tiny creations can be handed down comfortably from one generation to the next due to their size.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]