Barbie dolls have been around for fifty years and are still just as popular, invoking a sense of excitement among girls around the world. They are considered an icon of US culture by virtue of the way they epitomize stylish clothing and the way of life. Barbie’s free-spirited charisma has attracted girls from all over the world.

A look at its beginnings:

Barbie was first introduced in the year 1959. She was manufactured by Mattel Inc. and created by Ruth Handler. The creator’s inspiration was her daughter, whom she rarely liked to play with dolls and often played with paper toys that took the form of an adult girl. This led to the concept of the exquisite doll named after Ruth’s daughter, Barbara.

The shape and form is believed to have been inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli. But the new doll was so exquisitely designed that it soon became a sensation and successfully replaced the then popular Lilli doll.

A day in the life of Barbie:

Barbie is a beautiful blonde who attends the fictional Manhattan International High School in New York City. She loves animals and she has over 40 pets, including cats, dogs, pandas, a lion cub, and a zebra. She loves to ride jeeps, convertibles, and trailers.

Barbie has a pilot’s license and is active in commercial airlines and also works as a flight attendant. She loves to keep her home neat and tidy and is a homebody character. This aspect is exemplified by numerous play sets such as kitchen, bedroom, spa, clinic, etc., which are a testament to her multi-tasking abilities.

The lovely:

Barbie is truly a seductress and the creators ensure that an exciting new item is added to the catalog in a timely manner. Whether it’s building dolls based on celebrities or adding new members to her extended family, they sure know how to keep the excitement of Barbie games alive. Equipped with fascinating appearance, a wide range of interesting costumes, and exquisite body design; the much-loved doll is always in the news. Her breakup with her boyfriend Ken or her reconciliation; the incorporation of fashionable garments or the arrival of new members to the family; there’s enough news to keep Barbie fans hooked on this enchantress.

Adding a new dimension to gaming:

In addition to being an enduring toy; the doll is defined as a branch of a novel concept that has many dimensions. Mesmerized by the charming doll, girls can play Barbie games online on a variety of themes, listen to music with a Barbie CD or Kid Designs Radio Boombox, participate in the vibrant ‘Barbie Dress Up Games’ or visit the games of Barbie. online store to take advantage of an overview of all the interesting games in the store. Also, buying these exquisite toys online is by far the most convenient option.

Barbie dolls and their everlasting date with fame have proven to the world that they are a class apart and worth their money. The attention, the hype and the madness seem justified. So grab a Barbie doll of your choice for the girl in your life, and rest assured, she’ll be cherished forever.

minifee doll by [Dollshy]