Since the early 1990s, doll enthusiasts have expressed a desire for life-like baby dolls. At that time the art of rebirth arose. Minifee is basically taking a high-quality vinyl doll and adding additional enhancements to it. The doll artist often adds streaks and multiple layers of flesh-colored paint to give a mottled appearance to the doll‘s skin. Blush is added not only to the face, but also to the hands and feet to give the doll a healthy glow. Paint is applied to the fingernails and toenails to differentiate between the nail bed and the whiter tip. The hair will be rooted by hand, allowing the doll collector to choose how full or thin the hair should be. There is no doubt, these dolls are beautiful. But, all these improvements come at a high price.

I have been a doll collector for years and have seen these dolls first hand at doll shows. While impressively realistic, I personally have never been able to justify the cost of these unique dolls. That’s why I’m so excited about a new technique introduced by Apple Valley doll Works, a division of the Secrist doll Company, that brings a new level of realism to dolls without the hours of hand painting required by a doll artist. This technique is called Inner Glow. Inner Glow uses a specially formulated blue dye that is applied to the inside of extra-clear semi-transparent vinyl to mimic the undertones of a baby’s skin, adding depth and richness, resulting in lifelike dolls. A light layer of blush is applied to the face, arms and legs. Inner Glow is available in newly released 17-inch and 19-inch facial expressions from Apple Valley doll Works and the manufacturer has plans to expand the offering to additional expressions at a later date.

A few words are justified to describe the vinyl itself. Extra lightweight semi-transparent vinyl has a smooth feel. If you squeeze the vinyl, that part of the body gives slightly. This more natural feel of vinyl again replicates the softness you experience when touching human skin.

Lifelike dolls created with Inner Glow extra clear semi-transparent vinyl are collectible dolls for adults or older children. Due to the more fragile nature of this vinyl, it should not be considered as a play doll for a young child.

Although there is a surcharge for applying Inner Glow to extra-lightweight vinyl, doll collectors no longer have to pay a premium price for lifelike baby dolls. The price of an Inner Glow doll is within the reach of a broader base of doll collectors.

Are you ready for yours? baby dolls that look real created with Inner Glow?

minifee doll by [Dollshy]