If you’ve ever seen a little girl’s face when told she can’t play with someone’s beautiful collectible doll, then you’ll see why. Ashton Drake Galleries they have seen the need to introduce collectible dolls for those special little girls.

Children who are taught the value of a collectible doll at an early age are more likely to become doll collectors one day. Most collectible dolls are not toys, although there are a number of collectible dolls that have been designed as toys suitable for children ages three and up.

However, there are certain considerations when choosing a collectible play doll for the younger child. The following guidelines should help you make the right decision:

either The personality and age of the child.

Although you may consider your sixteen-year-old daughter or granddaughter to be a little girl, chances are she’s mature enough to start her own collection of collectible royal dolls. A three year old girl is another story, having tea and mud pies with her new baby friend could have dire consequences. The child’s personality and character play an important role in making this decision. My daughter, who is just turning five, has been taught to treat collectible dolls with the respect they deserve, because our house is filled with a huge collection of collectible dolls. She knows the true value of these masterpieces and knows just how far she could play, cuddle, and care for her own collectible doll without harming her. Her first collectible toy doll, which I gave her for her fourth birthday, was Linda Webb’s Tiny Miracles Celebration of Life Emmy. It is always a good idea if you want her child to share her love of doll collecting to start with a special doll collection so that she can complete her collection by adding a doll for each birthday and Christmas that follows.

either How much are you willing to pay for the doll?

Since we are talking about collectible dolls, you should be aware that if a child is not taught to care for the doll properly, the doll may no longer be in a condition to be considered a collectible doll, but simply a more expensive one. play doll If you are not sure about the child’s play habits, you might consider buying a real play doll. Ashton Drake Dolls that are suitable for children ages three and older are in the price range of around $65.

either The features and accessories of the doll.

Clothes and accessories

As a game doll, it is almost mandatory that the clothes can be changed and washed to play and collect extra value, so the clothes must be durable and of high quality. Always check to see if any additional clothing is available for the doll you have in mind, as some of these dolls are only 10 inches and will not fit into life-size baby clothes. Another feature of the Emmy Collection is that all Emmy’s World clothing and accessories are made to fit any number of the Emmy doll Collection.


Micro-rooted hair is a hallmark of Ashton Drake Dolls and can withstand more brushing and touching than wig doll hair. Wig doll hair is much more fragile and can easily be combed or broken with extensive play.


If you consider that you are buying the doll for a girl, be aware that a doll with closed eyes can get a bit boring after playing for a while. If the eyes are fixed, it might be a good idea to choose a doll with open eyes, as it is much more realistic looking and adds some play value. However, some children prefer sleeping eyes that close when the doll is placed in the sleeping position, but these dolls are rarer among collectible play dolls.

either Buy your collectible doll from a trusted manufacturer.

You don’t want to start a collection for your little girl and find a few years later that the manufacturer has gone out of business before you’ve even completed her collection. Adding dolls and accessories to your collection is what doll collecting is all about, so it is advisable to do some research on the availability of additional items and different manufacturers of collectible dolls before making a decision about starting a specific collection. . It’s always a good idea to look at a variety of artists and their creations to get an idea of ​​what the market has to offer.

These are just some basic guidelines, but ultimately your decision will be based on your and your child’s personal feelings about collectible dolls, along with your child’s personality and play habits. I hope this inspires people to consider introducing their children to the world of doll collecting at an early age and in doing so keeping the flame of doll collecting burning for future generations.

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